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BCA     Rio 

March 23-April 2, 2022

February 22 to March 4 2023    Feb 21 to March 2, 2024

Feb 19th to Mar 1st, 2025


Tournament Eligibility Weeks of Play Required 

Each player entering the Championships (singles or team) must have played a MINIMUM of 6 (six) full weeks of regularly sanctioned league play on the same night, in the same session, in the same division, and under the same League Operator since June 1, 2018. This means, as an example, that if you play in a multi-divisional league and you play 3 full matches in a Tuesday night division and 3 full matches in Thursday night division, you ARE NOT QUALIFIED. If you play 3 full matches in the Fall session in a division and then play 3 full matches in the same division during the Spring session, you ARE NOT QUALIFIED. 



May 26 thru Jun 4, 2022

West Gate

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